Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question, you can always contact us.

What access do you need to build app?

We will require an access to WordPress backend to install a plugin. This plugin will pass the data to the mobile app. Users generally create a new user with admin privileges for us. If you use WooCommerce, we will also require API keys.

If you would like to display advertisements on the app, we will also require access to your admob account. Alternately you can just provide us “Admob App ID” and “Ad unit ID” (banner ad).

What inputs do you need from me for app development?

Generally we take almost everything from your existing WordPress website.
You can provide your icon, logo and brand colour.
We will collaborate with you for app store listing content and images.

Do you submit to app stores?

Yes, we will take care of App Store submission from your own Google Play and apple developer accounts.
We will collaborate with you for the app store listing content.

Why are your prices so affordable?

We internally use no-code tools with standard set of features for all the apps. This helps us save the development time.
On an average it takes us 10 hours of time to communicate, build and publish an app. Will recover our investments only after few years of your subscription. We are confident that you will be happy with our services to stay for longer term.

Will my WordPress theme work with your app?

We don’t have any dependency on your WordPress. Your mobile app will get the data from the backend and display it with native design.

Will my custom WordPress plugins work in the app?

We may not be able to support all WordPress plugins.
If you absolutely need a plugin to be working with the app, let us know and we will try to incorporate.

Do you offer custom development?

We currently do not have the bandwidth to take up custom development.
However if you still need custom development, we would happy to connect you to third-party agencies. Custom app development generally costs upwards of $10,000.

Can I move my live app to appteo?

Yes. You can replace your present live app with new app from appteo.
Your current developer has to provide us the keystore file and credentials to publish an update.